Gorgeous Australian model Brooke Hogan’s career went gangbusters following her time on Australia’s Next Top Model. Her modelling career has seen her work both locally and internationally since, with brands including Myer, ASOS and Lorna Jane. Cut to May 2018 where she has amassed a staggering number of Instagram followers, and she’s attending Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFWA) in Sydney for the first time.

Brooke Hogan

We caught up with Brooke whilst in Sydney for MBFWA, and chatted all things beauty, modelling and travel.

Brooke Hogan Brooke HoganBrooke Hogan

Check out our interview below:

Nude by Nature (NBN): Are you able to share a little about your career background, how you started modelling, and also about your experience on Australia’s Next Top Model.

Brooke: I did my first photoshoot when I was about 15 years old which was for my Mum’s friends label. After I finished schooling I started modelling and I loved it. I signed with an agency and was working a bit whilst also working an admin job. When I was about 19, (not many people know this actually), I tried out for another TV show, similar to Australia’s Next Top Model and made it through to the last round but didn’t make it on to TV. From then on I was so determined to get where I wanted to be. I tried out for Australia’s Next Top Model and finally made it through. It was an amazing experience that I will remember forever and I absolutely loved it! It was challenging at times however I made some great friends and learnt SO much. It was a big confidence booster and it really got me out of my comfort zone. Australia’s Next Top Model launched my career and I feel so lucky to have been apart of the show. Since then I have modelled internationally as well as at home and have worked for some amazing brands. I have been modelling on and off for about 10 years now and I still love my job!

NBN: MBFWA is happening in Sydney this week. Do you have any shows that you are really looking forward to attending, and ideas about what you’ll be wearing yourself?

Brooke: This is my first MBFWA so I am really excited to see what it’s all about! There are a few shows I am really excited for; Camilla and Marc, Bianca Spender, We Are Kindred and many others. I love seeing the creativity and effort put into each and every show, its incredible. My stylist Jess has sorted all of my outfits for me so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Brooke Hogan

NBN: Are there any beauty or fashion trends that you’ve spotted that you think will be big in the next 12 months?

Brooke: We have seen it on the runways overseas and seen it here in Australia a little bit also but I think coloured eye shadow is going to come back in. I am not sure how I feel about it or if I will embrace the trend but it looks like blue shadow is on its way back!

NBN: Speaking of beauty, what do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every Aussie woman should own?

Brooke: Sunscreen - it is so important to protect your face from the sun. Even though you may not see effects of the sun now, the damage done in your younger years shows as you get older.

NBN: What are a few of your favourite Nude by Nature make-up products?

Brooke: I am really loving the Flawless Concealer. I don’t like products that are too heavy or ‘cakey’ and I find the consistency of the Flawless Concealer is really nice and not too heavy under the eyes whilst also delivering good coverage! Also, I am terrible at my own liquid eyeliner however the Definition Eyeliner is so easy to use so I am loving that also!

Brooke Hogan

NBN: When it comes to saving time when getting ready, do you have any favourite beauty hacks?

Brooke: I love eyeshadow that blends out and up towards the brow giving that elongated/cat-eye look. It can take some time to master it so if I am in a rush I put up a credit card or any card from the outer edge of my eye up to the end of my eyebrow and use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and use the card as a shield.

NBN: When it comes to health and wellbeing, what are a few of your favourite, regular things that you love to do?

Brooke: Drink lots of water and exercise. I feel and look my best when I am hydrated and active. Even if it’s not a daily ‘work out’ as such, I still make sure I get my body moving in some way - a quick walk, a stretch on the floor, anything to get my body going! Regular facials are also a must for me. With my job I am always having loads of make-up put on my skin which can sometimes cause breakouts and congestion. I take really good care of my skin and I support my everyday regime with regular facials.

Brooke Hogan

NBN: Traveling is a big part of your life. Do you have any favourite places in the world that you recommend to friends?  

Brooke Hogan - Positano

Brooke: My favourite places would be the Maldives and the Amalfi Coast - in particular Capri and Positano. I was in the Maldives for work and Capri/Positano for a holiday with my boyfriend. They are SO gorgeous and should definitely be put on your list of places to visit.

PositanoBrooke Hogan - PositanoBrooke Hogan - Capri

NBN: And for yourself...do you have anywhere that you are dreaming about traveling to?

Brooke: I really want to go to Japan!

NBN: When it comes to social media, what is your favourite channel to scroll through?

Brooke: I really like finding random profiles and pages to follow. I don’t have certain pages that I always go and look at but I like fashion accounts, iMeme accounts and also make-up inspiration accounts.

Brooke Hogan

NBN: Finally, for you home is Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula. If you were chatting to someone visiting either for the first time, what would be a couple of your top places you’d recommend they check out?

Brooke: I love travelling, but everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE home and in particular, the Mornington Peninsula. If you are visiting Melbourne I would recommend a visit down the coast to Sorrento. My boyfriend and I are currently building our house down there. It is the most gorgeous little seaside town with, lovely beaches, delicious food, great coffee, good shopping, walks, massages and it’s only an hour and a bit out of the city. Make sure you come visit Hotel Sorrento for some food and drinks - maybe we’ll bump into each other!

Mornington Peninsula

All images courtesy of: Brooke Hogan



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