This year we are proud to be sending a group of Australia and New Zealand’s top beauty influencers to Coachella - one of the world’s biggest music festivals.

You’ll have front row seats as each share their favourite festival moments and looks during weekend one; 12-15th April, via their social media channels and hashtags including #nudebynatureatcoachella and #nudebynature. 

Sally-Jo Hickey, one of New Zealand’s favourite influencers is amongst the lucky ones heading off to Palm Springs for Coachella. Sally-Jo started publishing content to her YouTube channel whilst at university, and she posts about beauty, lifestyle and fashion on her channel.

Influencer Sally Jo Hickey

In addition to Sally-Jo, you’ll also be able to enjoy Coachella with Lauren Curtis, Chloe Morello, Kasey Rayton, Holly Phillips, Li-Chi Pan and Michelle Crossan

We recently chatted with Sally-Jo about Coachella, her plans for 2018, who she follows on social media and about her top beauty tips.

Influencer Sally Jo Hickey

Nude by Nature (NBN): What are you looking forward to most about your trip to Coachella?

Sally-Jo: I’m so overwhelmed with excitement it’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. Overall, I’m most looking forward to making new memories with amazing friends! I’m so lucky to be travelling over with such friendly and down to earth girls. We have plenty of photo shoots and pool parties in store. I’m definitely going to pack my Polaroid camera so that we can look back on the trip for years to come!

NBN: Are there any bands and performers that you definitely won’t miss?

Sally-Jo: I’m a huge fan of R&B music and am really looking forward to Post Malone. Also the fact that The Weeknd is headlining is everything! I definitely couldn’t miss out on Eminem and Cardi B - they are both incredible rappers.

Influencer Sally Jo Hickey

NBN: What make-up styles are you thinking about creating at Coachella?

Sally-Jo: Coachella is a glitter-friendly zone so I will definitely be packing all kinds of gems and loose glitters for some fun cheekbone make-up. In terms of the actual base products I am going to be looking to those that are long-wearing and reliable to ensure we make it through dancing in the desert heat! I’ll be definitely packing my Nude by Nature Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil to keep any T-Zone shine at bay.

NBN: Which beauty essentials do you pack every time you travel?

Sally-Jo: Always, always a sunscreen or primer with SPF. Make-up products like Nude by Nature's Sheer Glow BB Cream that have SPF already included are ideal. I’ll also never travel without a hydrating lip balm and a mascara - that way I always look fresh plus feel nice and hydrated in all the air conditioning.

NBN: We’d love to know what your favourite Nude by Nature products are, and why?

Sally-Jo: One of my favourites would have to be the Contour Palette. The shades are so smooth and blendable! As a fairer-skinned individual contouring can be daunting but this palette is extremely user friendly and gives me popping cheekbones every time without fail. I also HAVE to give a shout-out to the Nude by Nature Mineral Brush - my first ever true love when it came to make-up brushes. I found it when I was 15, and still use it to this day!

Influencer Sally Jo Hickey

NBN: What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every Aussie/NZ woman should own?

Sally-Jo: Concealer and powder! I think a lot of women forget about completing their base after moisturiser and foundation/BB cream, they are out the door. Investing in a nice concealer and setting powder really does make all the difference in how your base will perform and last throughout the day.

NBN: Have you spotted any beauty trends that you think are going to be really big in 2018?

Sally-Jo: I personally believe that low-coverage make-up is going to make a comeback this year. 2017 was all about the full glam (matte face and blinding cheekbone highlight), and I’m noticing a lot more balance in this season’s runway make-up thus far. By the end of the year I think we will be seeing a more subtle overall glow on the skin along with a rise in glossy sheer lip and cheek colours.

NBN: When you’re chilling out, what’s your favourite social media platform to scroll through?

Sally-Jo: Without a doubt, Instagram. It’s so easy to interact with my followers through IG Stories and comments, plus I love supporting my fellow influencers and seeing what projects they are up to. Also, the ‘Explore’ page is like an intriguing black hole that is both engrossing and hard to escape!

Influencer Sally Jo Hickey

NBN: How about other blogs and social accounts / influencers that you follow and love?

Sally-Jo: Of course, all the girls going to Coachella. For ALL of the pretty things, I love the accounts @coco_lottie and @xxayapink - they post beautiful pics of designer bags and cute Japanese flatlays. My current makeup crush is Allana from @Allanaramaa. She always has the most perfect dewy skin and lip colours. Current lifestyle crush is Alex from @hrhcollection - I adore her home decor taste. And, of course my cutest Insta crush of all is @mavisthetuxedocat - my fur baby!! Yes, I’m that crazy cat mum!

NBN: Last question! Are you able to share any of your 2018 plans that you are super excited about?

Sally-Jo: I have so many exciting videos and campaigns planned this year which I can’t share just yet. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled! I can share that I will be doing some Vlogs at Disneyland which is extremely exciting for me! I have a great feeling that 2018 will be an incredible year.

Thanks so much, Sally-Jo!



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