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Our Pro Brush Collection

One beauty category that we're very well known for is make-up brushes. We're incredibly proud to be Australia's No.1 Brush Brand.* Our Pro Brush Collection. Image courtesy of @sarah.and.co__ Our...

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When builders construct a house they need to use the right tools. Similarly, when you create your favourite make-up look, it’s important to use good quality make-up brushes to ensure...

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The Perfect Partner for your Foundation

When it comes to love, finding the perfect partner can be tricky. When it comes to beauty, finding the perfect partner is a lot easier. There are many beauty products...

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Blogger Review: Pro Brush Collection

Liv is a UK based Beauty Blogger with a passion for writing and photography. Liv was first introduced to Nude by Nature through a Contour & Highlight Masterclass and has...

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How To: Wash Your Make-Up Brushes

Not sure how to look after your brushes? Here’s a tutorial we’ve prepared to show you how in 5 easy steps: For optimal brush condition and hygiene it is recommended...

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