Our Make-up Ambassador Max May was recently away on holiday in Israel, and we caught up with him this week now that he's back in Sydney for all his top travel tips relating to beauty and about some of the trends he spotted whilst he was overseas.

Max May - Israel

Nude by Nature (NbN)It looks like you had a wonderful trip! Are you able to let us know about anywhere you visited that really stood out?

Max: After visiting Israel three years ago, and having one of the best trips and experiences I have ever had visiting a country, I couldn’t wait to find some time to go back. Tel Aviv is one of my three favourite cities in the world. The night life there is thriving with every type of bar, food & music scene you could want or imagine. The streets are alive! In the day time there is an amazing beach culture of sun bathers, bars, beach volleyball and outdoor gyms scattered along the entire coastline. My favourite place to visit is the markets! There are a few major ones that cover entire city blocks that have everything you can image from fruit & vegetables, to nuts and cured meats, to sweets and (of course) fashion, however my favourites are always the small, local arts and design markets. Local people with their hand made pottery, young fashion designers, leather accessories designers, artists and even local perfumers that have been making scents from local flora and fauna for generations.

Max May - IsraelMax May - Israel

NbNWhen it comes to your travel carry-on, can you share a few of the beauty ‘must-haves’ in your bag?

Max: I like to keep my carry-on as simple as possible. I always have a hydrating moisturiser and booster (Dermalogica Calm Eater Gel & Skin Hydrating Booster) to saturate my skin in right after I cleanse with my favourite travel peppermint cleanser. I just love how fresh and invigorated this little combo makes my skin feel, especially at the end of those long haul flights. I will generally walk onto the flight with a body oil I have applied at the end of my shower while wet (this traps water into the skin) on my body and a sleep mask on my face like (Kora’s Noni Mask). I like to have my skin pre-prepped for the environment rather than doing it on the flight when the skin is already being affected by that very drying cabin environment. Also, I know it sounds simple but mouthwash is a must just to make you feel extra fresh. I’m usually travelling for work so I also have the Nude by Nature Sheer Glow BB Cream in 05 Golden Tan and the Flawless Concealer in 05 Sand which I will mix together and apply under my eyes. I get the worst dark circles and this little mix brightens them up and adds a little dewy warmth to my skin without looking like I have ANY makeup on shh...!

Max May - Israel

NbNWhat do you think broadly speaking generally stands out when you compare the Northern Hemisphere like Europe and Australia in terms of summer fashion and beauty styles?

Max: I’m not sure there are that many any more. I mean for me there isn’t! My style and fashion and the way I look after my skin or even do my client's glam changes with the styles, occasions and moods like it does around the world. With the internet people are so savvy now. In my opinion, Australian woman are among some of the savviest when it comes to fashion and beauty. The greatest thing that stands out  for me when I travel is the culture and setting. People live on the streets in Europe because of the limited living space. This is what brings everything to life - specially for an Aussie! 

Max May - IsraelMax May - Israel

NbN: Did you spot any make-up trends that seem to be everywhere this Northern Hemisphere summer?

Max: Blush! Pops of colours on the cheeks and lips in a colour blocking fashion to give sun-kissed skin - that forever young and fun look. It was so refreshing to see women of all ages choosing a colour and using it across the lips and cheeks to enhance their natural skin tone. The simplicity of one product and a colour that is just enough to make their skin pop without getting too complicated works so well in the heat and can take you from the beach, to the street and into the night so well. 

NbNWill you be creating those make-up looks now that you’re back in Australia?

Max: Yes! In fact I’ve already done one using Nude by Nature's new Sheer Glow Colour Balm. They’re my new favourite Nude by Nature product!

Max May - look featuring Sheer Glow Colour Balm

The look Max created after returning from Israel featuring our Sheer Glow Colour Balm.

NbNCan you share a quick ‘How To’ for one of those looks using a few Nude by Nature products?

Max: The great thing about this look is that there is only one real step other than applying the Sheer Glow Colour Balm to your lips and apples of your cheeks, and that step is to choose a colour that best represents the natural tone of your lips. So, if you have a peach tone to your lip choose the 01 Coral or if you have more of a plum or purple toned lip choose the 04 Berry. I apply the Sheer Glow Colour Balm straight onto the skin and use a finger tip to melt it into the skin. If you want to even out your skin a little beforehand, I would recommend using Nude by Nature's Airbrush Mineral Primer and Sheer Glow BB Cream to give it that beautiful all over glow.

NbN: How about fashion? Do you think these trends will hit us next summer in Australia?

Max: Absolutely! We are already seeing these trends here. I think we are one of the leaders of the world when it comes to summer trends. And let’s be honest - half of Australia is in the northern hemisphere right now following the sun! 

Max May - Israel

All images courtesy of Max May



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