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Ever wanted to take a peek inside your bestie's make-up bag, and ask them why they use certain products, plus whether they have any top hacks for creating amazing looks? Yep - you're not the only one! 

We were talking about this very topic here at our HQ in Sydney, and it was interesting to discover more about our own favourite Nude by Nature products - what we use on a daily basis, why and how we create certain looks. 

Take a read below about the good for you Nude by Nature products that we can't live without:

Natural Mineral Cover Foundation:

Natural Mineral Cover Foundation

Natural Mineral Cover Foundation

It's Australia's No.1 Selling Cosmetic Product* so it wasn't a surprise that we love the Natural Mineral Cover Foundation too! Lucile, our New Product Development Manager told us, "My fave by far is our Natural Mineral Cover. Why? It's the only foundation that doesn’t look like foundation, and that’s perfectly safe for sensitive skin. I have tried a thousand others and always come back to it". Or as Nikki, our Content & Production Manager shared, "it's just the easiest, quickest and best foundation for everyday use. Natural coverage and it feels like there’s nothing on my skin." 

Did you know that one Natural Mineral Cover Foundation is sold every 100 seconds** in Australia? It's a statistic we're pretty proud of. This loose mineral powder foundation was one of the very first products that we released when we launched 10 years ago, and it's been a firm favourite for so many people ever since. 

Emma, our Product Education Manager is a fan too saying, "It’s my favourite Nude by Nature product and I wear it every day! The coverage is so versatile - from a light dusting for a natural, even complexion to full coverage for beautifully flawless skin. Plus, it’s perfect for my problematic skin and never makes me breakout like a lot of conventional make-up has in the past." Or as Alli, our Regional POS Merchandising Manager - ANZ went on, "It's also definitely my favourite Nude by Nature product! It's just so light and easy to apply. It provides the right level of coverage, and feels so soft on my skin. It is almost like I’m wearing no make-up at all."

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick:

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

It's an easy to apply Highlight Stick that is versatile, and now available in four shades. The newest shade is 04 Opal, and it's exactly what you need for adding a luminous sheen and creating points of light on for example the cheekbones, nose and cupids bow. Eileen, our Office Manager let us know that she uses it every day, and her top tip is, "It always gives me a nice glow even if I’m tired and not feeling it. I just pop it on my cheekbones after my blush and dab it in lightly. It's so easy to use." 

If you're someone who hasn't experimented much with highlighting, Alli told us, "I had never used a highlighter before so the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick was a huge discovery for me, and now I just can't live without it! It gives you this little touch of glow to finish your look. It is a versatile product that I use for contouring but also sometimes as an eyeshadow."

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss:

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss 02 Peach Nude Moisture Infusion Lipgloss 08 Violet Pink

Moisture Infusion Lipgloss in shades 02 Peach Nude (L) & 08 Violet Pink (R)

Our 100% Natural Lip Collection launched last September, and these cruelty-free lip products have fast become not only bestsellers across the globe but also loved for the shade range, look and comfortable feel on the lips.  

About the Moisture Infusion Lipgloss, Jade our Ecommerce Manager ANZ said, "This is hands down the BEST lipgloss I've ever used. Moisturising, non-sticky, beautiful 'your lips but better' shades and it smells so good. I use multiple shades, although my fave is 08 Violet Pink."

Alexa one of our Account Coordinators let us know that her favourite shade in the lipgloss is 02 Peach Nude. She shared, "I wear a lot of darker eye make-up and this is the perfect neutral shade without being too light or dark for my skin tone. I can build it up with the Defining Lip Pencil in 02 Blush Nude underneath if I want to intensify the colour, however I find that the colour and coverage is usually perfect on its own. I used to be a matte lipstick girl but after wearing this, I am honestly converted. My lips have never felt so hydrated." Emma added, "The gloss has these unique moisturising microspheres and always feels extremely moisturising, even when I have really dry lips. There’s a shade for every occasion, and I wear it every day as I love how it makes my lips look ‘full’ and feel hydrated."

The Moisture Infusion Lipgloss is available in 10 shades, and the non-sticky texture is infused with active natural ingredients including nourishing Shea Butter, Vitamin E and the native Australian Kakadu Plum to help provide antioxidant defence. 

Our Concealers:

Flawless Concealer Liquid Mineral Concealer

Flawless Concealer (L) & Liquid Mineral Concealer (R)

When it came to concealers, there were votes for both our award-winning Flawless Concealer and also the Liquid Mineral Concealer

Like all Nude by Nature products our concealers are made with 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free. If you're more of a stick concealer person, then you'll love the Flawless Concealer like Nikki, who said of this award-winner, "Best concealer ever - couldn’t do without it. The one make-up item I would choose if I could only have one. Great coverage, silky texture and still feels light on the skin."

Instead if you prefer a liquid concealer, you'll enjoy the Liquid Mineral Concealer, with Alli sharing, "This product is my best ally! It covers my dark circles and minimises skin imperfections. It is also really easy to apply using either my fingers or the concealer brush, and blends very easily. I use it every day." As Emma added, "It seamlessly conceals to brighten the eye area and easily adds a subtle touch of dewy highlight to the top of the cheekbones. I never used to use a concealer but now I use the Liquid Mineral Concealer nearly every day because I know the ingredients are actually good for my skin, especially floraesters which help fight fine lines around the eyes. I like to think of it as my daytime ‘eye cream’."

Setting Powders:

Mineral Finishing Veil Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil

Mineral Finishing Veil (L) & Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil (R)

Have you tried our setting powders? You can choose between either the Mineral Finishing Veil, or the Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil. Alexa is a fan of both of these products, explaining firstly of the Mineral Finishing Veil, "I honestly don’t know what I did with my life before I discovered our Mineral Finishing Veil. I use it every morning to bake under my eyes and over my concealer. I will also dust it all over my face because I have oily skin, and it keeps my shine at bay for a lot longer than any other product I’ve used. It doesn’t contain any talc or synthetics and doesn’t leave any flashback in photos. Best setting powder ever!". Jacqui our Marketing Coordinator agreed saying, "It sets my make-up beautifully and minimises shine".

For touch ups during the day, Alexa has our Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil, in her handbag, saying, "I carry this now instead of pressed foundation. I use it as a blotting powder, and its a more convenient way to control the shine (compared to the loose version) when I’m on the go!".

There you go! That's a few of our favourite products, and to be honest most of us could have gone on about the rest of our beautiful make-up collection for hours. 

Do you have a favourite Nude by Nature product? Let us know in the comments. 

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