Do You Make These 5 Mistakes When Buying Your Make Up?

As you make the switch to naturally derived products and begin to reap the benefits, we wanted to dispel a few make up myths that exist around mineral makeup.

Mistake 1. Presuming natural products are less effective. For many women there has been an expectation that you have to pick between natural OR effective makeup.

At Nude by Nature we have perfected the balance of performance and natural ingredients with our Award-Winning Mineral Collection so you don't have to compromise between the two.

Mistake 2. Presuming all natural make up is formulated for sensitive skin. Some mineral brands still contain Bismuth, a mineral that can cause itching and irritation for those with sensitive skin.

At Nude by Nature we substituted the Bismuth with Kaolin Clay in our Natural Mineral Cover to give coverage and the perfect skin finish without creating sensitivity. The use of naturally derived ingredients such as Jojoba Esters also hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving you with makeup that is so pure and natural you could even sleep in it.

Mistake 3. Thinking all “natural” brands are equally natural When you look at labels, you may find that some natural brands are still using chemical preservatives in their products. You can rest assured that with Nude by Nature you are buying 100% naturally derived products that are good for your skin.

Mistake 4. Make up has to include chemical preservatives to prolong shelf life or maintain its colour A lot of make up brands contain parabens, chemical elements primarily used to sustain the longevity of the product, that can lead to side effects such as itching and rashes. Nude by Nature have taken great care to find and use only naturally derived ingredients that extend the longevity of our products, without chemicals and without irritation.

Mistake 5. Natural cosmetics are much more expensive Nude by Nature is as reasonably priced as its chemical counter parts and knowing you that your skin is free from damaging chemicals is priceless!



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