Porcelain Doll Halloween Makeup

THE PORCELAIN DOLL Not sure if you want to be scary or cute this halloween? The "cracked porcelain doll" is equal amounts of precious yet scary. Keep reading for our pro tips on how to achieve this look.

STEP 1: PRIME & PREP Apply the Airbrush Mineral Primer all over your clean, fresh face to create a smooth and even base for your make-up and extend the make-up wear.

STEP 2: CONCEAL Using a Liquid Mineral Concealer that is at least one shade lighter than your regular concealer colour, apply the concealer with a Concealer Brush over any imperfections as well as down the neck and around the collarbone. Make sure to apply generous amounts under the eyes and around the hairline to mimic the round face shape of a porcelain doll. Pro Tip: Apply the concealer all over your lids to act as a base for your eyeshadow and add a touch to the lips for added creepy effect.

STEP 3: COVER Apply the Pressed Mineral Cover that is at least one shade lighter than your regular foundation colour all over the face. To build the intensity of the foundation for this look, using the Mineral Brush and apply in gentle circular motions until the desired coverage is achieved. Pro Tip: For the ultimate "cracked" effect, we recommend to build the foundation to a full coverage 

STEP 4: IT'S ALL IN THE EYES Use the Blending Brush to apply shade #3 (light blue) on the Natural Wonders Eye Palette all over the lid. Use the Smudge Brush to apply shade #8 (deep blue) along the eye crease, concentrating towards the inner eye and bring some colour slightly down the nose to contour. To intensify the look, add a touch of shade #10 (black) along the crease and inner corner of the eye.

STEP 5: A TOUCH OF BLUSH As an optional step, apply a touch of the Virgin Blush using the Angled Blush Brush on the apples of your cheeks.

STEP 6: SET YOUR LOOK  Apply generous amounts of the Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil in gentle circular motions using the Buffing Brush all over the face. This will prevent your make-up from shifting throughout the day.

STEP 7: START CRACKING This step is the key to the Porcelain Doll look. It is important to use a highly pigmented liquid eyeliner with a precision tip applicator such as our Definition Eyeliner in Black to created the 'cracked' effect.

Not sure where to start? Our tip is to start with the eyes by creating a winged eyeliner. Using the tip of the applicator, carefully extend the eyeliner wing towards your temples to create soft cracks. You'll notice that the applicator is gentle yet sturdy enough to help you create the perfect lines.

Start drawing the outline of the cracks along the forehead, then move to the neck and finish on either sides of your face and the lips. This will give you the chance to get used to creating the cracks on the less noticeable areas before concentrating on the centre of your face. Don't worry if your lines aren't perfect, cracks aren't supposed to be!

Now the hard part is over, it's time to fill in the cracks with the Contour Eye Pencil in 01 Black. Pro Tip: We recommend setting your make-up one more time with the Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil with the Finishing Brush to set your freshly drawn 'cracks'

NEARLY DONE! Don't forget to finish this look with doll-like accessories such as a vintage dress, knee high socks, matching shoes, hair accessories and some hair colour if you wish.




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