Out with the Old, in with the Nude! I thought we might have a little chat around hygiene. And no, I’m not talking body odour and bad breath, although they are incredible important to avoid! I’m referring to your cosmetics and how long you use them for. I know that when you purchase something it can sometimes disappear after a few uses under the sink to reemerge anew months, sometimes years, later. Is it safe to continue using it again? Hmmm let’s discuss. As a brand, Nude by Nature takes pride in providing products that are paraben-free (the preservative used in most cosmetics), this means that we need to use a naturally derived preservative system and it means that the POA is important. What’s a POA you might ask? Good question and one that surprisingly few people know the answer to. It means Period After Opening. Unlike milk there is no ‘used by’ date on cosmetics - instead they use a POA. On the back/bottom of all products you can see a little tub with a lid open that has a number in it. hat number means that from the day you OPEN the product, you have that many months to use it safely.

It's Clean Out Time!

I want you to think about your make up or skincare and how old it is and did you look at the POA?
  • The main offenders of products that can get you into trouble are masks and scrubs that you use only occasionally - it’s easier to forget how old they are and unearth them from the medicine cabinet.
  • Foundations and products used each day tend to be OK as we get through them well before they “go off”.
  • Be very conscious of your mascara as it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and the eyes are more sensitive to contamination (attractive I know!). You should use your mascara for 3 months only - even though we know that sometimes when it's a bit old it gives better volume - but let's not be vain - let's be hygienic.
Time to clean out!



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