Helen Chik is a Sydney based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger and writer. She has established herself as someone who consistently creates inspiring, vivid and beautiful content on both her blog and social channels.

So far this year Helen married, traveled to Bali and become a first time Mum, which she is loving - whilst also discovering all the fun and games involved with having a newborn. It means many things in her life have changed, and time management and finding a new balance to the daily routine are both skills she is continually working on.

Helen Chik

We caught up with Helen recently, and chatted about her favourite beauty products, travel and celebrating her first Mother’s Day.

Nude by Nature (NBN): Are you able to share a little about your career background, and how you came to create your blog, writing and then social presence. Do you have any words of wisdom for anyone starting out today?

Helen: I actually have a double degree in Finance and Actuarial Studies and spent about two years working in banking. It became obvious after a few months that the corporate world wasn’t for me and I started looking at a passion project to keep my mind stimulated. My first foray into blogging started straight out of high school but it only lasted maybe half a year before I had to drop it and focus on my studies. Fast forward five years and I decided to start it up again and see where it would take me.

I love curating content and coming up with concepts for shoots as much as I enjoy writing. It made sense for me to combine it all and start a blog. I think having consistency and a clear style is important. Don’t feel the pressure to be emulating those around you and just start. I always say this to everyone, you really have nothing to lose if you try but you stand to lose a lot more if you don’t.

Helen Chik

NBN: Since becoming a Mum earlier this year, (HUGE Congrats!!), has your beauty routine changed or evolved? What are a few of your favourite time saving hacks when getting ready in the morning?

Helen: Oh my lord yes! I’d be lucky if I can get through my shower without Jacob squealing for attention. I’ve always got a few key products that I know I have to use to look even half-way presentable for anything I attend. If you have these nutted out then you save yourself the grief of looking at your beauty drawer and not knowing where to start. So my quick routine is:

  • Prep your skin - serum, facial oil and light moisturiser
  • Prime your skin
  • Then cover up those blemishes with an easy foundation (like Nude by Nature’s Natural Mineral Cover)
  • Finish off with some bronzer and highlight

    NBN: What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every Aussie woman should own?

    Helen: I think skincare is important, and I see a massive difference when I take the time to prep my skin for the day versus nothing. The make-up just doesn’t sit as nicely when you haven’t taken the time to properly hydrate your skin. Every woman needs to have a go-to foundation (powder or liquid - same same, but different) and then a great bronzer and highlighter. A bronzer brings you to life and the highlighter brings out the glow. I’m also very picky when it comes to eyeliners because you want it to go the distance.

    Helen ChikHelen Chik

    NBN: What are a few of your favourite Nude by Nature products?

    Helen: That's an easy one. The mineral powder foundation and the Touch of Glow Highlight Sticks! I love anything that saves me time whilst making me look natural and glowing. All you need is the Natural Mineral Cover and a little highlight and you’re ready to tackle anything; even when your baby poops all over you! Actually, no amount of makeup will prepare you for that - but you get the gist.

    NBN: Mother’s Day is this Sunday! How are you planning on celebrating this special day - especially as it’s your first one!

    Helen: Well, my husband’s twin is up in Sydney with his wife and they’ll be meeting Jacob for the first time so we’ll probably have a nice lunch. In the evening we’re actually making it all about Jacob and celebrating his 100 Day with my family and friends. It’s actually something that Asians love to do instead of a one month.

    Helen Chik

    NBN: MBFWA is happening in Sydney next week. Do you have any shows that you are really looking forward to attending, and ideas about what you’ll be wearing yourself?

    Helen: Yes! It’s that crazy time, and this year I’ve got Mother’s Day, Jacob’s 100 Day and Fashion Week all together so my head’s a little scrambled at the mo. I’m looking forward to seeing the Macgraw show as they’re always a stand out favourite of mine because of how fun they make everything. We Are Kindred has some beautiful and feminine silhouettes so I’m keen to see what they come up with too! As for what I’m wearing - I have a few things planned but nothing concrete, however you can expect to see a fair bit of colour.

    NBN: You love to travel! Do you have any favourite places you suggest visiting in 2018?

    Helen: I love South America! Even though it’s been years since I was there - I’ve been dying to head back over there so definitely add that to the list. Peru and Bolivia are my favourites so far but I’ve only done a few countries!

    Helen Chik

    NBN: And for yourself, what’s on your own travel bucketlist?

    Helen: I want to go to South Africa and the Philippines so badly! They are a priority but I would also like to head back to the US again at some point during their summer to escape our winter.

    NBN: Do you have any tips when it comes to beauty products to pack when travelling?

    Helen: I honestly think my beauty products (toiletries included) always take up the most room and weigh the most! I’ve learnt to buy myself a small make-up bag and set myself the challenge to only take make-up that fits into that bag, and no more. I used to pack so much when I travelled thinking that I should because…you never know. Well, I do know now and that’s you never end up using those products, and then you have to lug them around everywhere you go! Stick to the bare essentials is what I suggest because who has the time to go through elaborate beauty routines when they’re travelling? I’d much rather spend that time outside and exploring.

    Helen Chik

    NBN: When you’re chilling out, what’s your favourite social media platform to scroll through?

    Helen: If you had asked me two years ago I would’ve said Instagram but these days I’m on Facebook surprisingly more. However if I really wanted to relax then I’d be off my phone because I spend wayyyyyy too much time glued to it.

    NBN: How about other blogs and social accounts or influencers that you follow?

    Helen: I love following travel accounts and blogs because it always give me the inspiration to get out and explore new places! It’s a little harder now with bub but it just makes it more fun to do my research and plan. My favourite travel accounts at the moment are @nickpescetto and @meg_legs.

    Helen Chik

    NBN: Can you let us know any of your objectives and plans for 2018?

    Helen: Umm..surviving motherhood and figuring out a balance between everything! I didn’t bother setting myself goals this year because Jacob has thrown my routine out and I just plan on taking each day as it comes.

    NBN: Lucky last question! As a Sydney local, do you have any secret places/cafes/restaurants/sites/exercise spots that you think are quintessentially Sydney, and enjoy sharing whenever someone comes to visit?

    Helen: I love doing the Bondi to Coogee coastal run but you have to be game to do it because it’s a 15km return trip! In terms of cafes - The Grounds is a must because everything is so photogenic there. The Butler has a great view of the city, and is also so gorgeous inside. One of my favourite restaurants in Sydney is actually this place called Buffalo Dining Club - small and understated with amazing food!

    All images courtesy of Helen Chik.



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