Holly Phillips is one of the lucky influencers heading to this year’s Coachella Festival. She's an up and coming Sydney based influencer with a focus on beauty and lifestyle.

Holly Phillips

Holly will be enjoying a full weekend of music, parties and fun at Coachella; one of the world’s most famous music and arts festivals along with Lauren Curtis, Chloe Morello, Kasey Rayton, Li-Chi Pan, Sally-Jo Hickey and Michelle Crossan

Coachella influencers

Catch all the Coachella action between 13-15th April as Holly and her six girlfriends share their favourite festival moments using the hashtags: #nudebynatureatcoachella and #nudebynature.

We chatted with Holly recently about what she’s most looking forward to this year, and also all about Coachella.

Holly Phillips

Nude by Nature (NBN): Which beauty essentials do you pack every time you travel?

Holly: Traveling always dries out my skin, so I try to remember to pack a moisturiser on the plane with me. The number one thing I always have when traveling, (actually even if I’m not traveling), are lip balms (yes plural) and lip glosses. I’m all about those glossy hydrated lips!  

NBN: What are you looking forward to most about your trip to Coachella?

Holly: I’m so excited to go with the whole crew heading across. They are all such amazing people, and I cannot wait to get to know some of them even better. My aim of the trip is just to have the absolute best time with these gorgeous girls, as I know we are going to have to such a brilliant adventure!

NBN: Are there any bands and performers that you definitely won’t miss?

Holly: Absolutely yes! The line up this year is insane. I definitely won’t miss Eminem; he was the first concert I went to without parental supervision, and I can’t wait to see him again. I have to see Miguel too, I have never seen him live and I adore his music. There is also Kygo, Cardi B, Odesza and The Weeknd just to name a few!

Holly Phillips

NBN: What make-up styles are you thinking about creating at Coachella?

Holly: I’m so behind this year I have not narrowed down a specific look yet! Coachella is definitely a place to do make-up you wouldn’t necessarily do otherwise, so I really want to create fun, colourful looks. As always I love really bright and illuminating make-up, and I definitely want to add pops of colour either to my eyes or lips, probably both. I have tried Nude by Nature's Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow's and I can't wait to create a few looks with them as they have such a beautiful, vibrant shine.

NBN: What do you think are a couple of the most important beauty products that every Aussie woman should own?

Holly: Definitely a good BB Cream; something that is going to work with your skin and not hide it. Also, I have to add lip balm and lip-gloss, I never leave home without either of them.

NBN: What’s your favourite Nude by Nature product(s), and why?

Holly: With my make-up I love all things luminous; the products that will make me shine from within so my favourite product has to be the Sheer Glow BB Cream. It is such a beautiful product that allows me to create the glowy looks I love.

Holly Phillips

NBN: Have you spotted any beauty trends that you think are going to be really big in 2018?

Holly: I feel in 2018 a huge beauty trend is working with your own skin instead of covering it, so for me that means using products that won’t cover-up my freckles. So far I believe 2018 has been all about accepting yourself and really working with your imperfections, and realising they are beautiful.    

NBN: When you’re chilling out, what’s your favourite social media platform to scroll through?

Holly: It has to be Instagram. I spend way too much time aimlessly scrolling through the Explore feed. Sometimes I don’t even know I’m doing it! I'll check the time, and realise an hour has gone by. Whoops!

NBN: How about other blogs & social accounts / influencers that you follow and love?

Holly: I have to say my best friend Sammy RobinsonShe is always on the mark with every current beauty and fashion trend. Her social channels are constantly fun and interesting, and it also helps that she’s absolutely stunning!  

Holly Phillips & Sammy Robinson

NBN: Last question! Are you able to share any of your 2018 plans that you are super excited about?

Holly: I am going to Ireland to study at Dublin City University under the UTS exchange program, which I’m very excited about. I have always wanted to go on exchange. I feel that going on exchange will be one of the most exciting and fun adventures I will take in my life. I also feel that 2018 will be such an amazing year, so far it has been. Like come on, I’m going to Coachella and I am so pumped!  

Holly Phillips

Thanks Holly! Have a fab time in Coachella!



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