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Adelaide native Rachel Barwick made the life changing decision to leave her teaching job at the beginning of 2016, and to spend six months in a caravan with her partner travelling up the east coast of Australia. It has led to many incredible travel experiences taken around the world since, and an ever growing following on her Instagram account, @life.with.three

Instagram - Rachel Barwick

We caught up with Rachel recently, and below you can read more about what we discussed:

Nude by Nature (NbN): First up, we have to ask, do you have a favourite Nude by Nature product, and why?

Rachel: I have always had dry lips, no matter how much water I drink daily, so I absolutely love the Creamy Matte Lipsticks. They are super moisturising but have more of a soft matte finish. The colour pigments are beautiful too, and so easy to apply! I also really love the Natural Wonders Eye Palette. I don't usually wear a lot of bright colour so these neutral tones are perfect for bronze looks. 

NbN: Are you able to share your personal story with us, especially around your career progression, and about what you’re doing these days.

Rachel: From an early age, I have had a passion for travel and the excitement that comes with discovering something new. My love for travel was epitomised by me walking away from my job with my partner (@caravandan) at the start of 2016, packing my bags and embarking on a six month caravan trip up the east coast of Australia. Our love of both travel and photography had us quickly absorbed in the world of Instagram, which served as the perfect medium for us to share our experience with our family back home and a growing number of like-minded travel enthusiasts.

The diversity of our photography and the strong following that ensued attracted the attention of a range of different brand collaborations, which has opened the door for us to continue ticking new items off our bucket list. Each destination holds a new story and this is something we always try to capture within our photos.

Instagram - Rachel Barwick

NbN: In your wildest dreams five years ago did you think that you’d be doing what you are in 2019, in terms of your career?

Rachel: Before my partner and I embarked on our six month trip up the east coast of Australia I had finished my teaching degree and had been relieving for a year. It was only on our journey that we started sharing our travels on Instagram and people started joining in on our passion for travelling Australia in a van. I am so thankful for what Instagram has opened up for us in terms of travel and also the beautiful Australian brands that I get to work with. 

NbN: For any up and coming photographers and content creators, do you have any words of wisdom with regards to forging a successful career.

Rachel: I would always suggest to keep true to your own personal style and editing and don't let the pressure of Instagram change that. In saying this, don't be afraid of change if you want to, it's how we grow!

NbN: Do you have any tips for maintaining a beauty regime when you’re on the road travelling? 

Rachel: My everyday beauty regime is super simple so I don't usually have to change too much for when we travel - I’m very low maintenance! I suggest taking products that travel easily, and that are lightweight. I usually take a refreshing rose toner for hydrating on the go, a nourishing serum - this can double as a moisturiser when you're in humid tropical locations and a moisturiser that you can use for face and body! I also use my Nude by Nature Sunkissed Pressed Bronzer for colour, eyes and highlighting. The less products, the better.

Instagram - Rachel Barwick

NbN: You spend lots of time travelling each year. Do you find it tough when you’re away from home to be consistent in terms of wellness and exercise?

Rachel: When Dan and I travel we are always on the go, so to be honest I'm probably working out more when we’re away than when I'm at home. What makes travelling hard for me is being away from my fur babies!

NbN: Are you able to share a few of your favourite Instagram accounts, that you love to follow, and why. 

Rachel: I love following @teganphillipa - she is so authentic and positive and really makes you want to celebrate your own uniqueness. @sivanayla has so many amazing ideas for food, fashion and home styling. I also love following @officiallyquigley - she radiates positivity in all her posts in a real and true way. 

NbN: What are a few of the top destinations on your personal travel bucket list?

Rachel: I am so excited that early next year my partner and I will be travelling to Thailand for the first time! This has been on our bucket list for such a long time so we are really looking forward to this trip. We don't usually book trips this far ahead but the opportunity came about and we just had to take it. I would also love to visit the US west coast and India.

Instagram - Rachel Barwick

NbN: In the past 12 months, what are a couple of places that you visited that really surprised you, and why. 

Rachel: Last August while we were in Europe we visited Mykonos and I had no idea that it was such a party island! I absolutely loved the divine little backstreets made up of blue and white so we got up super early to enjoy these on our own in the mornings whilst everyone was asleep. Another place which also surprised me was Malta. It honestly has some of the bluest crystal waters you will ever see! However, it was heartbreaking to see a lot of rubbish, in the water and also in the streets. 

Instagram - Rachel Barwick

NbN: Home for you is Adelaide in South Australia. Are you able to let us know about a couple of your favourite places you recommend every visitor goes to.  

Rachel: It’s no surprise that I love the beach and my favourite little spot in SA is called Southport Beach. The view from the top of the cliffs down the coast is always impressive, no matter what time of year it is. I would also recommend Blanche Point, Port Willunga and just close by is McLaren Vale.

NbN: Do you have an inspirational or motivational quote that you love, and if so, are you able to share it with us.

Rachel: Look for something positive in each day, even if on some days you have to look a little harder. 

Instagram - Rachel Barwick

Thank you, Rachel!

All images courtesy of: Rachel Barwick



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