Is the ocean your second home? Or do you just love the mystique and allure of mermaids? This look has been a favourite amongst insta-bloggers and now you can easily create your own version at home.

STEP 1: PREP & PRIME Apply the Airbrush Mineral Primer all over your clean, fresh face to create a smooth and even base for your make-up and extend the make-up wear.

STEP 2: CONCEAL Cover your dark circles and any imperfections with the Liquid Mineral Concealer using a Concealer Brush Pro Tip: Apply the concealer all over the lid to act as a primer for your eyeliner and eyeshadow

STEP 3: COVER Apply the Natural Mineral Cover in small circular motions using the Mineral Brush to create an airbrushed complexion. Pro Tip: We recommend building the foundation to a medium coverage for this look.

STEP 4: SPARKLY EYES Take the Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow in Coral Sand and apply all over the lid. Bring the eyeshadow down to the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop and extend down to the start of the bottom inner lashline.

Using the Blending Brush, dip it into Shade #8 (deep blue) of the Natural Wonders Eye Palette and apply this from the centre to the outer corner of your eye blending back and forth for a smoky effect.

Grab the Contour Eye Pencil in 06 Rainforest and generously line your bottom lashline (don't worry if the line isn't precise!). Then, using the smudger on your eye pencil, blend the Rainforest liner around your bottom lashline for a dreamy effect. To set the liner and intensify the colour, dip the 16 Smudge Brush into the Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeliner in 08 Palm and go over the bottom lashline.

Dip the same brush into Shade #10 (black) on the Natural Wonders Eye Palette and carefully go over the outer corner of the eyes on the top and bottom to add depth to your eyes.

STEP 5: MASCARA Use the Allure Defining Mascara on the top and bottom lashes for perfectly curled mermaid lashes.

FINISHING TOUCHES To finish the look, we recommend getting some sparkly gems to place around the eyeshadow. You can do this by either purchasing adhesive diamantes or simply using eyelash glue as your adhesive and if you're thinking about hair accessories, some shells should do the trick!



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