Coachella weekend one is just about to finish, and we’re in a spin! Who else has been glued to Instagram all weekend, enjoying every video and image coming through from Palm Springs? There have been so many amazing moments - it’s super tricky to decide on our favourites! And, let’s not even start on the epic performance from Beyoncé on Saturday night, and the #Beychella hashtag that took over social media from the moment she walked on stage.

Coachella weekend one 2018

"@maxconnectors - #MAXCONNECTORSONTOUR Mandatory post Coachella day 1 📷 @jacksteel_au"


We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy all of Coachella weekend one through the eyes of seven incredible influencers; Lauren Curtis, Chloe Morello, Kasey Rayton, Holly Phillips, Li-Chi Pan, Sally-Jo Hickey and Michelle Crossan. They’ve been creating their own unique festival and make-up looks each day at Coachella - featuring a range of Nude by Nature cruelty-free make-up.

Coachella 2018

"@michellecrossan_ - "We’re heeeeeere! 😎✌🏻🌴"


From dinner at a diner, brunch at the stunning La Serena Villas, the iconic Palm Springs architecture, the incredible Coachella festival performances, that ferris wheel, flamingos, palm trees, festival fashion, good times by the pool and of course non-stop fun with gorgeous friends - we’ve watched along loving every second!

Coachella 2018 BrunchCoachella 2018 Brunch

"@lichipan - Gorgeous setting at @laserenavillas for our #nudebynatureontour lunch this afternoon"


We’ve pulled together a few of our favourite Coachella images from Lauren, Chloe, Michelle, Sally-Jo, Li-Chi, Holly and Kasey. Check them out below, and let us know your favourite!

Dinner at a Diner - Coachella 2018 

"@maxconnectors Milkshake break at Ruby’s Diner 🍭"

Chloe Morello at Coachella 2018

"@chloemorello I mixed my spf with loose shimmer for a poolside glow! 


Holly Phillips and Michelle Crossan at Coachella 2018
"@hollyphillips1 Mixtape drops next week! Festival glam by @nudebynature 💋"

Lauren Curtis at Coachella 2018 

"@lozcurtis Coachella vibes 🌻🌈🎡💙✌🏻
Wearing @nudebynature loose powder foundation in W4, natural illusion pressed eyeshadow in coral (for blush), loose eyeshadow in white sand (for highlight) and allure defining mascara in black 👌🏻"
Kasey Rayton at Coachella 2018 
"@kaseyrayton Coachella day one ✨ Thank you for these magical photos 📸 @jacksteel_au Makeup @nudebynature" 
Coachella 2018
"@maxconnectors Festival flavour 🍭🌴 Day 2 ✅"
Coachella 2018
Coachella 2018 Brunch
Sally-Jo Hickey at Coachella 2018
"@sallyjo_ Had such a fun time tonight! Saw @theweeknd and celeb spotted in the VIP lounge 😜 sneaky @lozcurtis in the background wearing our (unintentional) matching shorts hahaha"
Coachella 2018
"lozcurtis Coachella vibes 🌻🌈🎡💙✌🏻" 
Michelle Crossan at Coachella 2018
"@michellecrossan_ Festival ready with @nudebynature - that gloooow thoooooo ! 😎🌴✌🏻 FOUNDATION: @nudebynature Flawless Liquid Foundation CONCEALER: @nudebynature Flawless Concealer
HIGHLIGHT: @nudebynature Highlight Palette (a highlight junkies DREAM!)
EYESHADOW: @nudebynature Natural Wonders Eye Palette 
Coachella 2018
"@maxconnectors Coachella magic 🎡" 






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