We are all uniquely beautiful, and we each like to create make-up looks to enhance and define our favourite facial features.

In the past couple of years contouring and highlighting make-up products have been much discussed, and the total products available in this category have increased dramatically. It can be said that J-Lo, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have each put a big spotlight on looks created using contouring and highlighting products. A quick search of Pinterest reveals multiple examples of each.

Nude by Nature Contour & Highlight Collection

Each of these make-up terms can be defined as:

Contouring Make-up: Is used to add shade and depth to specific areas of the face to sculpt, define and add dimension. Contouring is commonly used on the nose, cheekbones, chin and forehead. Matte, neutral shades are usually used.   

Highlighting Make-up: Is used to add dimension, radiance or luminosity to emphasise facial features. Highlighting is also known as strobing. Areas of the face where people frequently use highlighter are the cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, temple and hairline (forehead). Shimmer shades such as rose or champagne are often popular choices.

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick - in situ

When it comes to top tips for contouring and highlighting we recommend:

1. Use good quality make-up brushes: It may seem obvious, however using the right make-up tool can make all the difference. Our make-up brushes are all made of ultra-soft high-quality synthetic fibres, as we are proudly cruelty-free. We have three specific make-up brushes you can select from; Pointed Precision Brush, Ultimate Perfecting Brush and Contour Brush. Each of these make-up brushes has been created as a tool for creating contouring and highlighting looks.

2. Figure out what suits your face shape best: Contouring and highlighting products need to be applied on different parts of your face, depending on its shape. For example, if you have an oval shaped face, it’s a good idea to contour slightly below your cheekbones, and the sides of your forehead. You can also use a highlighter in the middle of your face; on your forehead and chin if you have an oval shaped face.

3. Textures count: We have a variety of powder, liquid and cream textures that give different effects on the skin and may suit your personal application style better. If you are a person who loves to use your fingers then creams are a better solution, and tend to give a more radiant skin finish that is ideal for dry complexions. Instead the powder foundations are ideal for a more oily complexion.

4. Blend with blush: People often think you place your blush on where you have your bronzer, however if you want to accentuate the cheek its best to contour under the cheekbone, then seamlessly blend the blush on the apple and up to the highlight. It’s a great way to create a flawless and elegant look.

5. Less is more: Contour has evolved since its mass insurgence into the regular beauty world, and has gone from extreme to now being much more wearable and discrete. After you have created the shape you desire, go back and blend out the edges and make it look just like the natural curves of your face.

Contour & Highlight Collection Touch of Glow Highlight Stick

If you’re looking to try a new selection of contouring and highlighting products, we have a collection of 100% naturally derived liquid, powder and cream products. The collection is easy to use and enhances natural contours, to create a flawless natural healthy look. The complete collection is found here on our website. A couple of the products included are detailed below with useful tutorial videos for each:

Contour PaletteAn easy to use contour palette with three matte shades to sculpt, define and highlight. The silky, buildable powders blend effortlessly into the skin for a gorgeous finish that flatters every skin tone or face shape. Our recommended application process is:

1. Contour: Apply under cheekbones and to hairline, temples and jawline.

2. Bronze: Apply onto apples of cheeks blending up the cheekbone.

3. Highlight: Apply to tops of the cheekbones, under the brow and down the bridge of the nose.

We’ve also created a handy tutorial video for the Contour Palette. Click below to watch:

Contour Fluid Trio: This liquid trio is used to create a soft and naturally defined look with contour, neutralising and highlighting shades. The fine liquid texture melts into the skin to create a weightless second skin finish. Available in three shades for you to customise to the contour finish you desire. Our recommended application process is:

1. Contour: Apply under cheekbones and to hairline, temples and jawline.

2. Neutralise: Apply to cheeks and any imperfections

3. Highlight: Apply to tops of the cheekbones, under the brow, and down bridge of the nose

Or you can check out the application video below:

Touch of Glow Highlight Stick: A trusty favourite amongst the Nude by Nature team, the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick is a versatile and easy to use cream stick for creating points of light to enhance the complexion and a luminous sheen. It’s the perfect product to have in your handbag, for creating quick on the go looks. It’s composed of active natural ingredients such as Vitamin E and Desert Lime. Plus you can use this product as an eyeshadow or on the lip. Our suggested application process is:

Apply to the cheekbones, along the eyebrow arches or to the upper and lower eyelids. Thanks to its easy-to-use domed shape, the stick can be applied directly onto the face and blended with fingers.

Our tutorial video for the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick is below:


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