The ever trusty, multi-purpose concealer. Oh, how we love thee.

Whether it’s the everyday make-up bag or travel kit, concealer is a beauty essential that we have with us 24/7.

It’s told that the first concealers were used in the 1920’s as make-up to camouflage burns, birthmarks and varicose veins. Following this concealers were also created for famous Hollywood actresses keen to look their very best on-screen and similarly, they were after a product that could hide skin imperfections, fine lines and to brighten their skin.

These days depending on what you are trying to achieve, concealers are found in a few different forms - liquid, stick, crayon, cream or cream-to-powder. For example our Flawless Concealer is a stick concealer providing a creamy full coverage with a satin matte finish, and it’s perfect for camouflaging dark circles, pigmentation and imperfections.

Flawless Concealer

The top 5 key benefits for using make-up concealer are considered as being:

  • Works with foundation to provide additional coverage to achieve the appearance of a smooth, even skin tone
  • Refreshes tired looking eyes
  • To disguise puffiness, blemishes, scars and imperfections
  • Camouflage pigmentation and dark circles
  • Lighten dark areas

A few lesser known and further great ways concealer is used include:

  • As a highlighter over cheekbones, brow, chin and nose bridge
  • To prevent lipstick from bleeding; either by priming the lips with concealer, or by adding a little concealer above the lip line
  • As a base before applying eyeshadow
  • Hide tattoos and birthmarks

When it comes to applying make-up concealer there are different thoughts around whether concealer should be applied before or after foundation. Our suggestion is: If you are using a liquid foundation, use concealer following application of your foundation. If instead you’re using a powder foundation, apply your concealer first.

At Nude by Nature we have two make-up concealers; Liquid Mineral Concealer and Flawless Concealer plus the Concealer Brush.

The Liquid Mineral Concealer is a fragrance-free creamy liquid concealer enriched with FloraEsters which helps reduce fine lines and dryness plus Vitamin E, Jojoba and Shea Butter. This good for you concealer blends seamlessly into the skin to instantly cover dark circles and imperfections plus highlights to refresh tired looking eyes. It’s available in three shades (light, medium, dark) and the recommended tip for application is to use fingertips or the Concealer Brush to apply the Liquid Mineral Concealer onto the skin.

Liquid Mineral Concealer

The Flawless Concealer was launched in August 2017, in conjunction with the Flawless Liquid Foundation. This long wearing easy-to-use stick concealer expertly camouflages imperfections, pigmentation and dark circles however feels like a second skin due to pigments that act in seamless affinity with the complexion. The concealer is suitable for sensitive skin, and is available in 8 shades. Formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients including Bamboo Powder for a soft focus effect and the antioxidant rich Kakadu Plum to benefit the skin. Our application recommendation is to apply the Flawless Concealer directly to the skin and to blend with fingertips or the Concealer Brush.

Flawless Concealer

If you’re after the perfect concealer application tool, our Concealer Brush provides precision smooth application and blending for all concealer formulas. Like all our make-up brushes, the Concealer Brush is ergonomically designed for the best control and as we are proudly cruelty-free it’s made of ultra-soft high-quality synthetic fibres.

Concealer Brush

For further details about our Concealers and Concealer Brush click here.

What’s your top concealer tip?



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