...and what it could be doing to your skin! If you’re a cosmetics fanatic or just a casual make up user you’ve probably heard of the ingredient bismuth. However, it’s come to my attention that not many make up lovers really know what it actually is or the effect it has on the skin.

The truth is bismuth is an ugly filler that is chemically connected to arsenic and is much more popular than you think! You could have this damaging heavy metal element on your face right now! Here we expose the shocking truth about bismuth and how you can avoid it by using Australia's favourite natural make up brand Nude by Nature.

What is Bismuth?

Bismuth Oxychloride is a naturally occurring very heavy element found in nickel, tin and silver that’s primarily used to manufacture metal by-products. What may surprise you even more is that bismuth resembles arsenic chemically, yet it is commonly found in many cosmetics! That’s some heavy metal make-up!


How can you tell?

Bismuth has a very soft, silky feel when rubbed between your fingers. In cosmetics, bismuth is considered a pearlising agent and produces a high shine and gives you an unnatural glowing metallic finish that is white in colour with a slightly pink hue. Many women find this strange 'glowy' finish ugly, anyway! As it’s a very heavy element, this makes it difficult for many people to wear. It has to be forced into the pores via a buffing technique; otherwise it will slide off the face. Although many mineral make-up brands use this technique, not all contain bismuth. In fact, Nude by Nature is one mineral make-up brand that is proudly bismuth free!


What is it doing to my skin?

Many women will experience itchiness when wearing products containing bismuth, most noticeably when they sweat.This can often lead to nasty rashes and severe acne. Also, we can’t forget it is also akin to arsenic. If you'll get sick from ingesting arsenic, it would make sense that your skin would get irritated from having arsenic forced into it through an in superior mineral make-up brand that uses bismuth!


Why do some mineral make-up companies use it?

Many cosmetic companies use bismuth because it hides flaws, adds a radiant glow to the face and is a dirt-cheap filler! It also has binding qualities, so the make-up will "stick" to your skin and last all day! But you don’t need to put arsenic on your skin for a lasting finish! Nude by Nature’s award Mineral Cover Powder Foundation will stay ALL DAY without the use of harmful chemical fillers.


How can I avoid the damaging effects of bismuth?

Unfortunately, many women are attracted to mineral cosmetics due to their reputation for being good for sensitive skin, yet they use a brand that contains bismuth and are then turned off mineral make-ups forever! Some mineral make-ups claim to be “all natural” because bismuth is a natural compound, but never tell their users about the dangers of it! Go ahead, Google the top mineral make-up brands! You’ll be surprised just how many of the big names contain bismuth and other skin irritating fillers such as talc!

Nude by Nature is all Naturally Derived and 100% bismuth free! You know you are getting a Bismuth-free product with Nude because of the lighter feeling powder that usually blends into the skin better and with less effort! You get the real benefits of mineral make-up without the damaging side effects of toxic fillers. With Nude we guarantee there is no cruelty to animals, no bismuth oxychloride, no irritation, and no worries.

There is really no mineral make-up better for your skin! And if your thinking this is as good as it gets, we have news for you! Not only have you just discovered that Nude is the best mineral make up Australia has to offer, you can also get the best 100% naturally derived skincare and body range available. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best cosmetic and skincare range to keep the nasty chemicals and toxins away from your precious skin!



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