Lost Bambi

LOST BAMBI The darling deer is the perfect last minute Halloween Costume idea with minimum accessories required. Keep reading to see how you can recreate this whimsical fawn look.

STEP 1: PRIME & PREP Apply the Airbrush Mineral Primer all over your clean, fresh face to create a smooth and even base for your make-up and extend the make-up wear.

STEP 2: CONCEAL Cover your dark circles and any imperfections with the Liquid Mineral Concealer using a Concealer Brush Pro Tip: Apply the concealer all over the lid to act as a primer for your eyeliner and eyeshadow

STEP 3: COVER Apply the Natural Mineral Cover in small circular motions using the Mineral Brush to create an airbrushed complexion. Pro Tip: We recommend building the foundation to a medium coverage for this look.

STEP 4: DOE EYED Use the the 15 Blending Brush and apply the Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadow in 02 Stone all over the lid, blending upwards and outwards for a soft smoky effect. Using the same brush, blend a touch of the 01 Storm into the centre of your lid to give the illusion of rounder eyes.

STEP 5: LINE & DEFINE Use the Contour Eye Pencil in 01 Black to line the top of your lids creating a slight wing to give the appearance of larger eyes. To intensify the look, apply two coats of the Allure Defining Mascara to extend and curl the lashes.

STEP 6: BRIGHTEN THE EYES Using the 16 Smudge Brush, apply the Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadow in 11 Pearl in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten up the eyes. Use this same brush and eyeshadow to create white dots around the eyes towards the temple and a few around the hairline if you wish. Pro Tip: Use your finger to apply another layer of eyeshadow on top of your 'white dots'

STEP 7: OH DEERY ME The first trick to a 'deer' contour is to use an eyeshadow and an eyeliner brush to draw the main accents of the look. Grab the 17 Angled Eyeliner Brush and dip it into the Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadow in 02 Stone. Start by filling in your brows, the key here is to over-fill the eyebrows concentrating on a straight brow instead of an angled brow for a softer look.

From the inner point of your eyebrows, use the angled brush to draw down the side of your nose, repeat this for both sides to elongate and shape the nose.

Using the same brush and eyeshadow, extend your eye make-up by drawing an exaggerated faux eyeliner and eyelashes underneath your eyes. Finish the eyes by lining underneath the waterline.

STEP 8: GETTING NOSEY Create the nose using the Contour Eye Pencil in 01 Black, extend this to your top lip for a full deer effect.

STEP 9: CONTOUR & HIGHLIGHT Highlight your forehead and the middle panes of your face using the Angled Blush Brush and the lightest shade in the Contour Palette. Using the same brush, dip into the darkest shade on the Contour Palette and begin to create a deep contour under your cheek bones. Don't be afraid to use a lot of product here for an exaggerated look!

STEP 10: FINISHING VEIL Lightly dust the Mineral Finishing Veil all over the face with the Finishing Brush to set your make-up and you're good to go!

FINAL TOUCHES To complete the look, we recommend wearing beige and brown tones and tying your hair in buns or creating your own DIY antlers out of sticks.



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