When it comes to love, finding the perfect partner can be tricky.

When it comes to beauty, finding the perfect partner is a lot easier.

There are many beauty products that when used together, produce an even better finish. Take for example these every day partners; shampoo and conditioner, self-tanning foam and a mitt, or primer and foundation.

In the spirit of perfect partners, we thought you may like to hear about a few great partnerships between our good for you foundations and Pro Brush Collection.

Award-winning make-up deserves expert brushes. Each brush in our award-winning Pro Brush Collection is ergonomically designed for the best control and is made of ultra-soft high-quality synthetic fibers, as we are proudly cruelty-free.

A couple of key benefits for using professional make-up brushes in your beauty routine include:

  • Brushes allow for more precision and control than your finger or sponge
  • Using a brush delivers a more even coverage and a smoother finish.
  • Brushes make it easier to blend to create soft edges
  • The natural oils in fingers can affect the performance of your product
Pro Brush Collection

Natural Mineral Cover + Mineral Brush: The best selling Natural Mineral Cover is perfectly partnered with this cruelty-free make-up brush. The fragrance-free SPF 15 Natural Mineral Cover formula adapts to skin tones, evens out complexion, covers redness, and conceals enlarged pores. The short, tightly packed bristles of the Mineral Brush effortlessly deliver just the right amount of formula for a polished, flawless finish.

When applying the Natural Mineral Cover with the Mineral Brush we recommend:

  • Tap a small amount of powder into the lid.
  • Dip the tip of the Mineral Brush into the powder
  • Tap away the excess and then buff the powder onto skin in light, circular motions.
  • Start at the centre of the face and work outward until your desired level of coverage is achieved.

Another of our foundation products that the Mineral Brush also partners well with is the Pressed Mineral Cover which instantly illuminates the skin with a flawless coverage and contains antioxidant ingredients, including Kakadu Plum, known for its abundant Vitamin C content, and Cehami Extract, to benefit the skin.

Natural Mineral Cover and Mineral Brush

Flawless Liquid Foundation + Buffing Brush: The Flawless Liquid Foundation is a long wearing liquid foundation and provides a medium to full smooth satin matte finish. It’s suitable for all skin types and is formulated with good for you natural ingredients including Bamboo Powder and Kakadu Plum. The Buffing Brush is the perfect tool to easily blend the Flawless Liquid Foundation thanks to it’s ultra-soft, tightly packed bristles and flat surface area - making application quick and effortless.

Our top tips for applying the Flawless Liquid Foundation are:

  • It’s important to note that the Flawless Liquid Foundation is fast drying so we suggest applying a small amount of the foundation and blending quickly.
  • Apply a small amount of the foundation (1 pump) to the back of the hand.
  • Apply and blend foundation with the Buffing Brush, using quick circular motions to ensure even application.
  • Coverage can be built from medium to full as required. Apply extra product to areas needing additional coverage with the Buffing Brush using a stippling (dabbing) action.
Flawless Liquid Foundation and Buffing Brush

Sheer Glow BB Cream + BB Brush: The BB Brush was awarded with Best Makeup Tool in the 2017 Beautyheaven Best in Beauty Awards, and is a make-up brush composed of soft, dense bristles that deliver flawless blending and even coverage. The BB Brush provides fast and effortless application of BB cream or liquid formulas. Our Sheer Glow BB Cream is an all-in-one BB cream that delivers sheer to light coverage with a luminous, natural finish and SPF 8. The lightweight, non-greasy texture is enriched with moisturising Aloe Vera and Desert Date Oil to benefit the skin and perfect the complexion.

Our suggested application tips are:

  • Place a small amount of the Sheer Glow BB Cream onto the flat side of the BB Brush.  
  • Apply product starting in the centre t-zone and blend out and downwards.
  • Ensure even coverage with light strokes, not forgetting the nose and blending down the neck.

Sheer Glow BB Cream and BB Brush

Liquid Mineral Foundation + Liquid Foundation Brush: The Liquid Foundation Brush is the perfect tool for all liquid foundation formulas such as the Liquid Mineral Foundation. With its slightly pointed tip and tapered edges, key results provided are smooth application and blending. The Liquid Mineral Foundation is lightweight with a sheer finish that delivers light to medium coverage with a dewy radiant finish. It’s composed of active natural Australian ingredients such as Kakadu Plum and Quandong that together help fight visible signs of ageing and improve the skin’s natural radiance.

We recommend applying as per the following:

  • Load a small amount of the Liquid Mineral Foundation into the flat side of the Liquid Foundation Brush
  • Apply foundation starting in the centre t-zone and blend out and downwards
  • Ensure even coverage with light strokes, not forgetting the nose and blending down the neck
  • Use the tapered tip and edges of your brush for a more precision application, for areas such as corners of the nose, mouth and eyes.

Liquid Mineral Foundation and Liquid Foundation Brush

Let us know if you’d like to hear about any other perfect partner combinations!



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